Tuesday, December 23, 2008

v Sutton - 1st July 2008

Date: 1 July 2008

Versus: Sutton

Venue: Ruxley Lane

Result: Oc's win by 50 odd runs


For some strange reason today was a going through the motions game, people appeared to be wanting to be somewhere else, notably Ian Doyle who returned from Somerset rather being here than there and dealing with fires at Scrap Yards.

Despite Collett warning of only 10 people being available, 12 turned up including a tired author who would rather have been recovering from his Glastonbury experience which included 3 hours sleep before being woken up by Shakin Stevens.

OC’s won the toss and elected to bat with James and Test Match Trev opening the batting with a solid opening partnership before Collett fell on 18, the most notable part of the partnership being James driving a ball back at a bowlers head who would probably when the ball struck, wished he’d been somewhere else too!

Parker came in, although he’d rather be drinking the beer he just bought and proceeded to play classically through some rather dodgy bowling knocking a rather nice 62 before being bowled with some decent bowling. Parker then retired for the rest of the game to the relative bliss of the Bar where his amber beauty awaited him.

James agonisingly fell to poor shot selection on 49, a shot that would not have been played had he known he was on 49 in the firstplace while the Reubens provided support at the close leaving a difficult total of 156 for Sutton.

As people mention, there’s nothing like a competitive match, and this was nothing like a competitive match after the opening bowling partnership of Dan Reuben and John Bolland twirled away economically effectively taking the game away from the opposition. Beeks brought his assorted buffet and got 2 wickets, Doyle brought his guile and got 1 wicket. Nathan brought the muscles of Andy Murray in the field by having some wild overthrows over keeper Collett who’d rather he throw like that from the boundary than on the 2 he was on at the time. Nate was also brought on to bowl and brought the spirit of Harmison with some rather wide deliveries, too late to make a game of it, eventually getting a wicket. Skipper Bisson, one of 8 bowlers played kept his run of not being able to get a wicket for love nor money for three fruitless overs as Sutton fell short.

Champagne Moment: Ian Doyle taking a catch at slip and not spilling it, just like not spilling his beer when beaned on the head by an errant fielding lob while umpiring.

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