Thursday, December 18, 2008

v Kingston Taxes - 6th May 2008

Date: 6th May 2008

Versus: Kingston Taxes 

Venue: Ruxley Lane 

Result: OCs win by don't know due to lack of scorebook 


Apparently, we are doing a lot of things in advance, Bisson announced the batting and bowling line up in advance (although he couldn't forecast the weather the week before & save me a couple of hour of my life which I won't get back). Collett asked us to remember a number of firsts, probably for a quiz at the end of season do, I'll bet he has the speech written already and the awards all worked out like a crooked ITV phone vote dependent on who Robbie Williams wants to give the award to...... 


First Six, Sparky on his way to the first half century of the season as he managed 54 not out.

First Boundary, Ben Reuben on his way to a disappointing for his standards 9 although he made up for it with the ball in hand for about four wickets.

First dropped catch - Mark Bisson

First Chanelling of the spirit of Andy Finnerty for the opening spell which doesn't go for many runs, but frustratingly doesn't get wickets - Dan Reuben

First "What's he on about" comment - Trevor Collett for his "Look up"!?! at what, sky, planes, birds, what!?!

First Wicket - Manuwar

First Catch - Dan Reuben

First bit of jug avoidance for an almost hat trick - Ben Reuben who had one wicket at the end of one over and another first ball of the next, shame people didn't appear to notice.

First bowled father, caught son partnership - Bowled Ben Reuben, Caught Nathan Reuben

First Chanelling of the absent Ian Doyle by stating the obvious - Dan Reuben for saying "a dot ball is as good as a wicket"

First comedy / circus / champagne moment - Mark Bisson's attempted run out not once, but twice in the same ball! if Sky showed it on a slow motion replay, it would last an hour! Probably surpasses the Ducklin fields a ball over a boundary at Old Selisians from about 8 years ago!

First OTT Appeal - Mark Bisson appealing for a leg before and a run out in the same ball, we were waiting for an appeal for a time out.

First cheeky shot - Sparky's reverse sweep which led to the bowler trying to run him out while backing up a couple of balls later and the bowler taking his scorecard (and our bowling figures) away with him & throwing his toys out of the pram!

First Chanelling of the absent John Bolland for turning up late - Chris Ducklin for turning up 14 overs in the OCs' innings to see them about 45 for 2 off 13 before Sparky put his foot on the gas & spanked the bowlers.

First player you should judge on accent and not on appearance - The Kingston player who came in camo shorts and looked a bit out of place, then opened his mouth to show a southern hemisphere accent and proceeded to play the ball around a bit to keep Kingston in the game.

First bit of inspired fielding change - Ben Reuben asking Ducklin to come from point to somewhere between point & slip on the 45 leading to.......

First catch made to look more difficult than it actually was - Chris Ducklin running back towards point to catch a ball slightly behind him. Then showing the proper catching technique by holding it for a split second before throwing it back into the air again to celebrate.

Man of the match - Toss up between Sparky for his 50 and Reuben the elder for his four wickets.

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