Tuesday, December 23, 2008

v Molesey CCCC - 18th August 2008

19th August


Venue: Ruxley Lane

Result: OC's win by a few runs

Of most of the regular opponents encountered, Molesey of the many C’s appear to be one of the easier opponents to deal with. As myself and Finnerty, who looked like a cross between the Joker from the new Batman movie and Shaggy from Scooby Doo, arrived, confidence was good as some of the oppo weren’t in whites and the foreign accents were German as opposed to South African.

OC’s won the toss on an overcast day and a request was made to reduce to make it an 18 over game, but it ended up being 20. James and Knoxy, batting trophy still at stake took to the square and managed to open for a couple of overs before the heavens opened. All retired to the shelter of the pavilion or bar and when the skies cleared we were on a 16 over slog due to the absence of any Duckworth or Lewis.

Knoxy and James resumed their knock reaching a 50 partnership before both were retired by the skipper in a rare act of sportsmanship although personally speaking if I were batting for a trophy I would have liked to stay in. Yours truly came in for a rare appearance with bat and pads while Molesey of many C’s brought back their opening bowler, cue yours truly wafting at nothing until eventually getting bat on ball, unfortunately it was an edge to the keeper putting me out of my misery. Nate (10 not out), TC (5), Manuwar (0) and JB (2 not out) slowed down the run rate to make a game of it and leave a target of about 70.

The thoughts that this was an easy game soon evaporated when Dan opened the bowling and got tonked for 10 of the first over with a couple of leg side looseners spanked past Nate, who looked like he’d rather be somewhere else, for 4. Fortunately sense prevailed at the other end as JB resumed opening duties taking 2 for 9 off 4. The Joker, inappropriately dressed for the conditions and looking a little damp took over from Dan and showed his usual repertoire of bowling too good for the oppo going for 19 of his 4 without getting a wicket. Manuwar replaced Bolland at the other end and finished off the game with 3 for 10 off 3. Despite some comedy fielding from Knoxy and constant ribbing and banter through the match Ben (0 for 8 off 1), yours truly (1 for 2 off 1, it was a stumping honest) and DJ (1 for 2 off 1, a rare juggle from Ducklin at Square Leg) and a couple of run outs saw the club with many C’s fall short.

Man of the match – Bolland for a fine bowling performance.

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